Marketers Still Aren’t Ready for a World Without Cookies

Marketers Still Aren’t Ready for a World Without Cookies

70% feel the industry is headed in the wrong direction

Digital marketers have spent the last 18-24 months planning for the end of third-party cookies. While strategies have been put in place, technologies have been evaluated and deadlines have been extended, 54% say they are only somewhat or not very prepared for the new digital advertising reality.

On top of that, seven out of 10 believe that privacy-centric targeting is sending digital advertising in the wrong direction. These figures come from a new research report from Epsilon and market research firm Phronesis Partners—“Preparing for a World Without Third-Party Identifiers”—that asked over 200 digital advertising decision makers and influencers about their post-cookie approach.

Key findings include:

  • Doubts about privacy: 63% of marketers think there will be little or no improvement to consumers’ control of personal data.
  • Attitudes towards Google and Apple: Some marketers have a more negative perception of Google (38%) and Apple (44%) because of impending cookie and MAID deprecation.
  • Fear for personalization: Over 80% of marketers say shifts in third-party IDs make them concerned about their ability to personalize their marketing and optimize performance.

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