Marketers Need to Get More From Their Tech Investments

Marketers Need to Get More From Their Tech Investments

Findings from the latest edition of Salesforce’s State of Marketing report

In their quest to deliver greater value, marketers have invested heavily in new tools and technologies over the past few years. But according to new research, their top challenge today is the subpar use of those tools, complicating their ability to demonstrate cost efficiency and ROI.

These findings come from the just-released eighth edition of Salesforce’s “State of Marketing” report, based on a survey of 6,000 marketing leaders worldwide. The omnibus study also reveals that marketers remain future-focused, and they cited “experimenting with new marketing strategies” as a top priority. This drive for innovation comes from the top: 91% of CMOs said they must continually innovate to remain competitive.

Other key insights from the report include:

  • The data deluge: Data is critical to customer-centric engagement, and brands project using an average of 18 data sources in 2023, up from 10 sources in 2021.
  • Budget constraints: One in three marketers is feeling the squeeze of tightening budgets. 33% of marketers say budgetary constraints are a challenge.
  • Real-time intelligence: Speed to insight is a competitive advantage, with 72% of high-performing marketers able to analyze marketing performance in real time.

Today is a time of tremendous marketing transformation. Be ready to reimagine your approach. Download the report.

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