Making an Impact With Contextual Advertising

Making an Impact With Contextual Advertising

4 steps to boost your targeting prowess

Contextual advertising has long been a proven tactic, but it fell out of favor over the last decade for digital advertisers laser-focused on behavioral targeting. But technology advancements and privacy challenges have brought it back to the forefront as a data-driven, AI-powered, flexible targeting tool that can boost engagement by a factor of up to four to 10, according to StackAdapt research.

Our latest guide, “Contextual Targeting 101,” breaks down the tactic into four clear lessons that cover how marketers can use AI-powered contextual targeting to efficiently reach, engage and convert audiences. By going through each lesson, you’ll learn how to better recognize and understand your audience, build your messaging, find the right content, and further test and experiment with your campaigns.

The guide also includes case studies of contextual success, including:

  • How a travel brand doubled its clickthrough rate by mixing contextual targeting with content-rich messaging.
  • What a direct-to-consumer ecommerce leader did contextually to reach new customers utilizing connected TV and native advertising.
  • How a pharma leader reached people actively looking for diabetes information and boosted video engagement significantly.

Are you ready to discover how you can infuse your advertising with the strength of contextual? Download the guide today.