Is Your Team Working Productively?

Is Your Team Working Productively?

Insights to streamline your campaign process from start to finish

From RFP to optimization, the campaign lifecycle has many moving parts ranging from the stakeholders involved to the processes in play. So, how does an ad sales/operations team, a marketing team or agency ensure smooth sailing and a happy customer? They lean in to productivity.

Our new guide “Unlock Your Productivity Potential,” created in association with Slack, explains why productivity is about so much more than just getting the work done. It offers clear advice on how to leverage technology, deliver growth and improve the bottom line during this time of distributed workforces and distributed teams.

Best practices from the guide include:

  • Expedite routine tasks: No-code workflows can be used to trigger subsequent campaign steps, such as informing the ad ops team when creative sign-off is complete.
  • Boost search functions with AI: Context and search history can provide relevant results regarding media plans, previous creatives, key customer contacts and reports.
  • Empower communication: Low-lift audio tools can encourage spontaneous discussions, so team members and partners can align, ask questions and exchange ideas.

Enhanced productivity means everyone keeps their eyes on the prize—improved ROI and ROAS. Download the guide.

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