Is Gen Z Loyal?

Is Gen Z Loyal?

The four pillars that ensure you have a customer for life

Still think that Gen Zers are flighty, influencer-obsessed, device-addicts who drift aimlessly from brand to brand? That’s a myth worth busting. In fact, Gen Z is made up of savvy, demanding and ethical consumers who want great experiences. Deliver for them and you have a customer for life—42% say they’ll stay positive about a brand forever if that brand delivered a positive buying experience, according to Student Beans research.

But that doesn’t mean that reaching Gen Z and its $300 billion worth of annual spending power is easy. Our new guide, “The Unvarnished Truth About Gen Z Loyalty,” breaks down Gen Z brand allegiance into four key pillars, with facts, insight and advice to win their attention and approval.  

Key findings include:

  • Build a multi-front customer experience: Gen Z wants a two-way conversation with brands.
  • Stand for something—transparently: 95% of students say it’s important that a brand cares about sustainability and the environment.
  • Let them pay however they want: 32% of 18-24-year-olds have made a purchase using “buy now/pay later” or in installments.

Find out more about what it takes to earn Gen Z’s loyalty. Download the guide today.