Find, Engage and Delight the Hybrid Shopper

Find, Engage and Delight the Hybrid Shopper

How to meet the demands of new consumer behavior

Shopping behavior has been turned on its head, especially as the pandemic contributed to the explosive growth of ecommerce. Now consumers expect shopping to be seamless blend of physical and digital, and if a brand can’t provide the experience they’re looking for, they’ll find it somewhere else.  


Providing the ideal shopping experience to meet new consumer behavior is a challenge, but not impossible. Our latest guide, “Finding Shoppers in the New World of Hybrid Consumers,” shares insights from NP Digital’s analysis of 100 of the largest ecommerce sites and 300 emerging ecommerce sites, as well as best practices to use along key touchpoints of the shopper journey.

Insights include:

  • Facebook and Instagram account for more than 60% of ecommerce stores’ followers—do you have a presence on these social platforms?
  • Top-tier and emerging ecommerce sites get approximately 95% of their search-generated traffic organically.
  • When it comes to providing the ideal shopping experience, top-performing ecommerce sites typically use a custom cart.

Now is the time to meet and engage the hybrid shopper. Download the guide today.