Do You Have the Insights to Identify Customer Context?

Do You Have the Insights to Identify Customer Context?

Exclusive research identifies the need for a fresh approach to consumer intelligence

Today’s data-driven marketing has one goal in mind: delivering an experience that feels natural, timely and personal. Delivering this kind of personalized marketing requires a keen understanding of customer context, but many brands appear to be lacking the insights necessary to make that happen. In fact, 83% say they’re struggling with executing personalized marketing programs at scale.

That insight comes from “The Untapped Power of Customer Insights,” our new research report sponsored by Quid. Based on an exclusive survey of marketing executives, the research shows that while most view customer insights as a critical component of successful data-driven marketing, the tools many marketers are using may not be cut out for today’s fast-paced market.

Among the key findings:

  • The need for insight agility: Many marketers rely on tactics like focus groups (25%) or research reports (14%) that lack the real-time intelligence that personalization requires.
  • Too little focus on predictive analytics: Few are looking at customer intelligence as something that can drive overall strategic planning, a missed opportunity.
  • AI’s crucial analytics role: More than 80% of marketers agreed that AI will be critical to turning insights into action.

Bring your intelligence efforts into the real-time world. Download the research report.

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