Debunking the Myth That Performance Brands Can’t Find Success on TV

Debunking the Myth That Performance Brands Can’t Find Success on TV

Advertising on linear and streaming drives sales and brand awareness when done right

As TV advertising and ad tech continues to develop and mature, the channel has become a strategic way to diversify a brand’s marketing mix as digital becomes less effective at driving response.

According to “The Future of TV Advertising,” from Marketing Architects, TV advertising that drives short-term sales activation without sacrificing brand-building can only occur when brands shelve the standard approach and instead optimize their campaigns for strategy, creative, media, conversion and analytics. Brands like, Touch of Modern and 1-800-Hansons are building performance campaigns around CTV and linear television, using them to measure viewership and ad performance while gathering actionable targeting data.

Insights from case studies include:

  • recognized TV’s potential to reach new customers and pivoted its messaging to appeal to a larger audience, resulting in a company growth record of new customers.
  • DTC brand Touch of Modern tested new TV creative that positioned the startup as a lifestyle brand and included a call to action, bringing in a lift in sales, an increase in average order value (AOV) and a decrease in cost per customer.
  • Survey data showed that TV’s effect was 5 times greater for home improvement remodeler 1-800-Hansons than could be measured by phone calls alone, resulting in a lower cost-per-lead than originally calculated.

Television has evolved to include more opportunities for performance marketers. Download the report today.