CTV Can Power Your B-to-B Campaign

CTV Can Power Your B-to-B Campaign

7 SEM skills you can apply to TV outreach

B-to-b marketers have traditionally used paid search for their campaigns, and the know-how they’ve gained from SEM can be applied to another powerful channel: connected TV.

MNTN’s new report, “The Search Marketers Guide to Connected TV,” shines a spotlight on seven best practices that b-to-b brands can transition from search to CTV.

Key insights include:

  • TV for b-to-b?: TV isn’t just for consumers anymore. The precision of digital targeting can turn CTV into a powerful b-to-b targeting tool.
  • Full-funnel targeting: B-to-b campaigns are longer and often require more touches. CTV lets you access prospects from discovery through conversion.
  • Keyword consistency: Those keywords you’ve worked so hard on to maximize your SEM? Be sure apply them to sort through CTV audiences for more precise targeting.

It’s time for b-to-b advertisers to tap into CTV to generate new demand. Download the guide today.