CTV Advertisers Are Foundering Using Linear TV Creative

CTV Advertisers Are Foundering Using Linear TV Creative

Exclusive research shows many brands in need of greater flexibility

Connected TV (CTV) promises a whole new way for advertisers to approach their campaign creative. So, why are so many brands still using the strategies and tactics they’ve been using for linear TV?

Based on an exclusive survey of more than 100 U.S. brand marketers conducted by Adweek Branded for MNTN, “Are Brands Ready for a More Creative Approach to CTV?” found that advertisers have not yet fully embraced the creative flexibility of CTV. But CTV’s insight-driven test-and-learn approach will become more critical as ad-supported streaming soars over the coming year.

Among the key findings:

  • A surprising reliance on branding: Despite CTV’s reputation as a performance channel, more than half (53%) of survey respondents said their CTV focus is on brand equity and awareness.
  • Using linear TV assets: Even with concerns about ads repeating on CTV, 71% of advertisers said they use the same amount of creative on CTV as they do on linear.
  • Playing it safe creatively: Nearly half (48%) of respondents disagreed that they experiment frequently with CTV creative.

It’s time to shake up your creative approach to CTV. Download the research report.

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