Amplify and Extend the Value of Your Creative

Amplify and Extend the Value of Your Creative

4 strategies to organize your assets and maximize impact

Almost half of marketing and creative teams waste valuable time because of poor asset management. They recreate assets they can’t find, or worse, they use assets that are incorrect, unapproved or expired. The result? Disjointed brand experiences and ineffective customer journeys.

How can you combat disorganization and do more with the content your creative teams develop? A new guide from Brandfolder, “4 Strategies to Amplify and Extend the Value of Your Creative Assets,” delivers actionable strategies and best practices to organize your creative and maximize its effectiveness.

Insights include:

  • The importance of versatile templates: Provide access to those outside of the creative team to help them generate pre-approved, on-brand assets more efficiently.
  • File naming and organization is critical: Maintain organizational hierarchy and standardized file naming conventions to help with version control.
  • Involve the marketing team in the creative process: Bridge the gap between their workflows with software integrations.

Get your digital assets organized so that your creative has an impact. Download the guide.

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