YouTube Provides More Information When Users Search Election-Related Topics

They include presidential and congressional candidates, voter registration, how to vote

YouTube's new information panels for register to vote, how to vote YouTube

YouTube rolled out additional information panels to be displayed when people search for information related to the 2020 presidential election.

Users searching for 2020 presidential or federal congressional candidates will see an information panel with details about those candidates above their search results.

Searches for specific queries related to voter registration will see an information panel (English and Spanish) directing them to parent company Google’s “how to register to vote” feature, where they can find information specific to the state they live in, including deadlines, registration options and how to check registration status.

Likewise, searches for specific queries on how to vote will bring up an information panel directing people to Google’s “how to vote” feature, where they can access authoritative information about how to vote in their state—such as identification requirements and deadlines for registration and voting—as well as guidance on different means of voting, such as voting by mail.

YouTube noted that Google works with nonpartisan third-party data partners, such as Democracy Works, which aggregate official data directly from state and county election administrators, and it links to the official websites of state governments.

For key moments leading up to Nov. 3 and Election Day itself, YouTube will provide timely reminders across its platform and social handles on how to register and how and where to vote, as well as sharing information from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission on volunteering to work the polls.

Two new YouTube Originals will debut in the coming weeks to share election-related information in creative ways:

  • YouChoose 2020 is an interactive voting special that takes viewers through the key steps in the voting process through the YouTube meme of their choice, such as a cooking tutorial that compares voting with following a recipe, or an auto repair video on the nuts and bolts of voting.
  • Four-part election special Kid Correspondent, on YouTube and YouTube Kids, will help parents and families understand and discuss civic engagement and the democratic process.

YouTube vice president of government affairs and public policy Leslie Miller wrote in a blog post, “As we approach Nov. 3, we’re working hard to make YouTube a more reliable source for news and information, as well as an open platform for healthy political discourse. We’ll continue to keep you updated on our efforts to support the 2020 U.S. election and others around the world.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.