Yahoo Partners With Scope3 to Offset Carbon Emissions in Media Buying

Advertisers can now access Green Media Products through Yahoo's SSP

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Yahoo is offering a global carbon-neutral private marketplace (PMP) thanks to its latest ad tech partnership with Scope3.

With Scope3’s Green Media Products available within Yahoo’s supply-side platform (SSP), brands and agencies allocate spend towards GMP, Scope3 then measures the emissions associated with the campaign once it has run, and the publishers and ad sellers then contribute to Scope3’s chosen carbon-removal projects.

GMP is billed as carbon-neutral media and aims to price carbon into decisions that will, in theory, incentivize lower emissions. Other partners include IndexExchange, Sharethrough and OpenX.

“It’s important that we’re able to listen and be able to deliver what [clients] are looking for … It’s a great way to start 2023,” said Yahoo chief revenue officer Elizabeth Herbst-Brady. According to Herbst-Brady, the partnership has been in the works for a few months.

According to Scope3 co-founder and chief executive officer Brian O’Kelley, what’s being measured every time a GMP campaign runs via Yahoo is “a list of every domain, every app, country, region, device, network, what format and the size of the ad. Then we have an application programming interface (API) that converts that line by line into carbon.”

For comparison, a standard ad campaign in the U.S., a 15-second creative generates nearly 220Wh per 1000 impressions, which is 80g of CO2e per 1000 impressions, according to sustainability measurement firm Impact+.

When it comes to carbon emissions in ad tech, agreeing on standard measurements has been the sticking point.

“These are very early stages of how we’re thinking about green media products,” Herbst-Brady told Adweek.

In November, Teads announced its partnership with Impact+, with the platform’s co-chief executive officer Jeremy Arditi saying the industry is in the early stages of finding common benchmarks.

Elsewhere, Vox Media launched Concert Green Marketplace in an effort to reduce carbon emissions through its supply-side platform (SSP) this week, also powered by Scope3. 

Since its launch in December 2021, Scope3 has measured campaigns for nearly 30 companies and has measured carbon emissions for over 1 trillion impressions. Scope3’s GMP launched in June 2022.

“The fact that [Yahoo] would do it early and make a big investment in this before the market was fully developed just gives you a sense of how important this is going to be in 2023,” said O’Kelley.

Update: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that in November, Teads announced its partnership with Scope3. Instead, Teads announced its partnership with Impact+.

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