Reddit Sets Up Shop in the UK

London office officially opens, and the platform is already working with local brands

26% of U.K. Redditors are not on Instagram and 48% are not on Snapchat Reddit, Benjamin Davies/Unsplash

Reddit officially opened the doors to its new office in the Holborn section of London, where it is already working with local partners.

New head of international Tariq Mahmoud is leading the London team, and he is responsible for growing Reddit outside of the U.S. He had been head of international sales and strategy at Roku.

Reddit said the U.K. is home to its second-largest user base, which grew nearly 70% over the past year, calling it “core to our international vision and growth strategy as we scale Reddit’s advertising business globally and attract new users to the platform.”

The platform said its users in the U.K. spend 33 minutes per day on Reddit, more than any other social platform, with 68% of them between the ages of 18 and 34 and nearly 40% of them women.

The company added that 26% of U.K. Redditors are not on Instagram and 48% are not on Snapchat.

Brands already working with Reddit’s new U.K. team include Netflix, PlayStation, Pringles and Samsung, the latter of which used the platform’s Takeover and Promoted Post products to back the debut of its Galaxy Note 20 in June.

Samsung U.K. social media lead Roseanna Burns said in a Reddit blog post, “We are really excited to be partnering with Reddit for the first time, as it’s a key platform for our core audience. The results of our takeover campaign were outstanding, and we look forward to working with Reddit on future campaigns.”

Reddit spotlighted popular communities in the U.K. including r/PremierLeague and r/CasualUK, and it said its expansion will focus on extending its community while giving brands and advertisers the means to engage that community.

Chief operating officer Jen Wong said in the blog post, “Our mission at Reddit is to bring community and belonging to everyone in the world. Brands looking to engage in an authentic and interesting way can be a part of this mission, too, tapping into our 430 million-plus active users in the process. With a dedicated team now fully operational in the U.K. and growing interest from local brands to be part of the Reddit community, we are primed to service the U.K. advertising market with best-in-class campaigns that cut through.”

Vice president of advertising Harold Klaje, who oversees Reddit’s global sales business, added, “The power of Reddit is in its informed and passionate communities. These are social media users who are actively seeking, rather than aimlessly scrolling, and this creates an extremely valuable environment for brands to connect and engage where interest is already baked in. It is so exciting to be bringing this opportunity to U.K. advertisers along with a local team whose sole purpose is to find brands of all sizes and across all industries the perfect home on Reddit.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.