LinkedIn to Members: Let’s Keep It Professional

New safety features began rolling out

Members who either report content or have content that they shared removed will receive notifications LinkedIn
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LinkedIn detailed new ways it is introducing to keep content professional and ensure that members feel safe.

Starting Tuesday in Canada, France and the U.S., members who either report content or have content that they shared removed from the professional network will receive notifications with more information, and LinkedIn said this will roll out to more countries in the coming weeks and worldwide by year-end.

Director of product management Liz Li said in a blog post, “We won’t always get it right. When we don’t, we’ll do a second review, take responsibility for our mistake and reinstate content.”

Li added that while members might not always agree on issues, treating each other with respect is paramount, and she noted that the next time members login to LinkedIn, they will see a short message about keeping things respectful and professional.


Messages including content that might be unwanted or harassment will include warnings that give recipients the option of reporting that content, enabling LinkedIn to take the appropriate action against the sender. Members receiving the message can also indicate that they find it to be safe, to help train the professional network’s algorithms.


Finally, LinkedIn’s Professional Community Policies have been strengthened to stress that “hateful, harassing, inflammatory or racist content has absolutely no place on our platform,” Li wrote.

LinkedIn David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.