Investors Say Data Ambiguity Is Dampening Ad Tech’s Luster

Regulatory uncertainty makes for a hard sell, especially with smaller companies

An ad-tech panel at Adweek's NexTech conference featuring John Lambros, GCA; Allison Goldberg, tech investor, Marty Swant, Adweek
(L. to r.) John Lambros, GCA; Allison Goldberg, tech investor; Marty Swant, Adweek Sean T. Smith for Adweek

As ad-tech outfits face a tighter and tighter squeeze from industry consolidation and impending regulations surrounding data privacy, investors are starting to take notice and funnel their dollars elsewhere. This was the sentiment heard across the stage at Adweek’s NexTech Conference this week, where Allison Goldberg, technology and digital media investor and former Time Warner svp; and John Lambros, president and managing director and head of digital media banking at GCA Advisors, took the stage with Adweek technology staff writer Marty Swant to discuss why the ad-tech market—a field flush with venture capital not so long ago—might be seeing a further slowdown in funding.

@swodinsky Shoshana Wodinsky is Adweek's platforms reporter, where she covers the financial and societal impacts of major social networks. She was previously a tech reporter for The Verge and NBC News.