How Cookies Work and Why They’re Going Away

It's less of a death and more of an evolution

Editor: Breana Mallamaci
Headshot of Ronan Shields

Cookies have been the workhorse of digital media for more than two decades. They form the foundation of the web, helping us stay logged in to sites, and they’ve ushered in the personalized shopping experience as well as tailored advertising. We get recommendations because the cookies that capture our behavior and provide analytics to websites offer personalized experiences.

But cookies are crumbling as Chrome will follow the lead of Safari and Firefox by eliminating third-party tracking by 2022. What it means for the industry can be confusing. In the latest video in our How S#it Works series, we talk with Erik Requidan, founder and CEO of Media Tradecraft. Requidan explains how the cookie works, how we got here, and what the world will look like as web browsers eliminate them.

@ronan_shields Ronan Shields is a programmatic reporter at Adweek, focusing on ad-tech.