Facebook Estimates That It Drove 100,000 Poll Worker Sign-Ups

Over 1.7 million people clicked its in-app notification

Facebook also offered free ad credits to state election authorities Facebook
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Facebook said over 1.7 million people clicked on the notification atop News Feed in its flagship mobile application to see information on volunteering as poll workers with their respective state authorities, estimating that this activity resulted in roughly 100,000 people signing up.


Vice president of product and social impact Naomi Gleit shared state-specific information in a Newsroom post Tuesday.

  • Iowa: Poll worker sign-ups surged by 15 times during the weekend that Facebook ran its recruitment drive.
  • Michigan: On the Saturday when the social network ran its poll worker notification, sign-ups shot up by 12 to 16 times, resulting in 5,000 recruits.
  • North Carolina: State election officials told Facebook some 60,000 people clicked the link and over 11,000 people signed up over this past weekend, adding that the state needs at least 25,000 poll workers for this year’s election.
  • South Carolina: 20% of its total sign-ups to date came during the weekend of Facebook’s recruitment drive.

Facebook also offered free ad credits to state election authorities so that they could recruit poll workers across its platforms, and details on volunteering as a poll worker are available on its Voting Information Center.

Gleit wrote, “Poll worker shortages can mean long wait times at the polls or fewer polling places, which makes it harder for people to participate in the democratic process, so Facebook is doing its part to fill this gap.”

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.