Facebook Audience Network, AppsFlyer Team Up on Campaign-Level ROAS Data

The social network’s Mobile Measurement Partner adds attribution to the mix

AppsFlyer can properly tie back the revenue generated to the user acquisition network with attribution data AppsFlyer
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Facebook Audience Network teamed up with mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform AppsFlyer on a measurement solution to bring campaign-level data on return on advertising spend to gaming application developers.

AppsFlyer general manager, ROI360 Gal Brill said in a blog post that previously, eCPM (enhanced cost per thousand impressions) were only provided by ad networks at differing levels of granularity, meaning that they could still be used to measure ROAS and build lifetime value models, but the numbers weren’t as precise.

He added that without granular insight at a campaign level, ad revenue from monetization networks can only be tied to user-acquisition campaigns via heuristic calculations, leading gaming advertisers to make decisions based on incomplete data and without other choices to turn to.

Facebook Audience Network director of product management Mat Harris added in the blog post that AppsFlyer can properly tie back the revenue generated to the user acquisition network with attribution data using the device IDs coming from installs.

Harris wrote, “With measurement being the precursor to optimization, together with AppsFlyer, we’ve taken the initiative to create a product that helps game advertisers and publishers understand the effectiveness of the ad campaigns they run on the Audience Network platform. Our new campaign-level measurement solution, developed in collaboration with Mobile Measurement Partner AppsFlyer, fulfills a critical gap in the market by helping advertisers on our platform truly understand if their return on ad spend is both accurate and profitable. Audience Network is committed to helping game developers build sustainable businesses, and this represents another opportunity to provide them with accurate, granular insight and the right tool to grow and improve their business.”

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.