Automattic Extends Tumblr Blaze Ad Tool to All Sites

Those using its Jetpack plugin can also transform their existing content into ads

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Tumblr parent Automattic said Wednesday that the Tumblr Blaze advertising tool is now available to any site on Automattic-owned blogging platform WordPress via or the Jetpack plugin, also owned by Automattic.

Automattic introduced Tumblr Blaze last April, and the company said it enables advertisers to reach an audience with an estimated 13.5 billion monthly impressions across hundreds of millions of WordPress sites and Tumblr pages, simply by transforming their existing content into ads that will run across the blog networks.

People with websites hosted on and those using the Jetpack plugin can go to and select their site, at which point they will be shown a list of recent pages and posts they can promote, or they can click the three-dot menu on the WordPress dashboard next to individual pages or posts and then click “Promote with Blaze.”

Once the Blaze Campaign Wizard is accessed, users can:

  • Design their ad by letting the wizard automatically format content and adjusting the image or text should they so desire.
  • Select their audience, with Tumblr code manager Dan Walmsley explaining in a WordPress blog post, “Want to target the whole world? Only people in certain areas? Folks who are reading content about a specific category, like movies or sports? As you adjust these settings, you’ll see our estimate of how many people you’ll reach.”
  • Choose the dates for the campaign and set the budget.
  • Finish and pay, with campaigns billed weekly based on how many times the ad is shown, and a system backed by Grapeshot and Verity ensuring that ads only appear where they are supposed to, and not adjacent to questionable content.

Advertisers can check the performance of their ads in the Campaigns tab of their advertising page.

Automattic said Tumblr Blaze is only available to users with English as their primary language, and it is working to add more languages.

Walmsley wrote in the WordPress blog post, “Bringing readers and customers to your website can be a chore, requiring multiple tools, professional design and marketing skills, or lots of money. Many times, it’s all of those things. That’s why we’re excited to announce Blaze, a new tool allowing anyone with a WordPress blog to advertise on and Tumblr in just a few clicks. How? By turning your site content into clean, compelling ads that run across our millions-strong network of blogs.”

Jetpack marketing lead Rob Pugh added in a post on the Jetpack blog, “Building a strong following of readers and customers is hard work. And getting eyes on your content can feel like rubbing two sticks together. You know there are people out there who are interested in what you’re building but how to find them? That’s why we’ve created Blaze. Advertise your posts and pages across millions of sites in the and Tumblr ad network. All it takes is a few clicks and $5 per day.”

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