Zuckerberg Heads to Court

Mark Zuckerberg and his team of lawyers are headed to court today in Boston where a judge will determine the fate of a copyright infringement suit filed by ConnectU. As I mentioned a little over a week ago, the plaintiffs (Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra, all Harvard classmates) are asking for Facebook to be shutdown and that full control of the site be granted to ConnectU. While this may be more of a symbolic statement, if the judge decides to hold the case, this could be a serious thorn in Facebook’s side. According to reports I read earlier yesterday, all that the plaintiffs have are over 50 emails that were exchanged between Zuckerberg and the ConnectU team. While I don’t think ConnectU has a great chance of winning this, it seems like the Harvard graduates don’t mind throwing some money at the case. Given that ConnectU stopped developing on their site and decided to follow different paths in their lives, they may simply be looking for a multi-million dollar settlement. This is the most likely outcome of this case but who knows, maybe the ConnectU team really has some seriously incriminating documents. I think this is highly doubtfufl though.