YouTube Music Users Can Now Toggle Directly to Videos for Tracks They’re Consuming

Over 5 million official music videos were time-matched to their respective songs

Why just listen when you can watch? That’s the thinking behind a new feature that was added to YouTube Music Thursday.

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscribers who are listening to tracks on the YouTube Music application can now seamlessly switch to the videos for those tracks on the Google-owed video site, without missing a beat.

When YouTube Music users are listening to a song, they will see a video button at the top of the screen, and tapping that button will enable them to toggle back-and-forth between the audio track and the video.

YouTube Music product manager Brandon Bilinski said in a blog post that over 5 million official music videos have been perfectly time-matched to their respective audio tracks, adding, “When you flip from video to song, say goodbye to the other sounds that go with the music video—like those long introductions—and enjoy the song as it was intended.”