YouTube Has Become a Trusted Source For Product Reviews [Infographic]

A survey of UK-based YouTube users indicates that viewers are more likely to buy a product after seeing a positive review.

YouTube has become a trusted resource for many people on the Internet. Viewers trust their content creators to give them all manner of how-to advice from makeup tutorials and craft projects to cooking and furniture making. According to a new study from BuzzMyVideos and OnePoll, YouTube’s content creators generate the most trust with product reviews.

BuzzMyVideos and OnePoll surveyed 500 YouTube viewers aged 16-45 across the U.K. during April of this year, to investigate their video watching habits, and the impact of YouTube reviews on their purchasing habits.

More than 25 percent of participants said they used online video to learn about products “a few times a week,” and more than 20 percent use it “a few times a month.” 47 percent said they would be more likely to investigate the product upon seeing it in a video. While some reported feeling neutral about products in videos, less than seven percent said they would prefer to see no products in the online videos they watched.

The majority of survey respondents said they were more likely to buy a product they saw in a positive online review, and more than 42 percent believe YouTube to be the most trustworthy source of product reviews.


BuzzMyVideos Online Video Barometer_Infographic 2