YouTube Conspiracy Theory: Cheating Is Now Legal On YouTube

Cheaters never win. Or rather, they never used to win. Now it seems as though things have changed, at least on YouTube.

Cheaters never win.  Or rather, they never used to win.  Now it seems as though things have changed, at least on YouTube.  For a long time YouTubers have been warned that trying to game the system would backfire.  Using misleading thumbnails, tags and titles and buying views as frowned upon and YouTube claimed that their algorithm would catch these behaviors and, in the long run, it would only hurt you in search results and could even get you banned.  But YouTuber The Will of DC has got a theory that cheating your way into YouTube views is now legal—and he’s got proof!

Will actually gives two examples as “evidence” in his video.  The first, a video from YouTuber KingGavinXXX called ‘The Money Shot’, which had over 2 million views but only 1,203 likes and 953 dislikes, has been removed from YouTube because it violated the site’s Terms Of Service, so it will have to be discounted.  However, the second video, ‘The Mechanic – Throwback Trailer’ from CBSFilms is still up on the site.  The trailer has over 800,000 views and only 545 likes and 79 dislikes.