YouTube Artist Kurt Hugo Schneider’s Mesmerizing Coke Video Saw High Engagement

Clip featured brand's iconic containers as instruments

Remember the mesmerizing video that featured Kurt Hugo Schneider using Coke bottles and cans as musical instruments to promote the brand's "Ahh Effect" campaign?

Well, Schneider's effort—which included a second video released in August—saw the highest engagement of any installment in the campaign, according to Coke. Users spent an average of nearly 7 minutes on Schneider's page. The average time spent on the campaign's entries was a little more than 2 minutes, according to the soft drink giant.

In terms of page views, Schneider's page came in second to "Cat or Not," an interactive quiz game that slowly zoomed out on a image that was either a cat—or not. That installment racked up 910,675 page views. Schneider's entry received 551,217.

Schneider said he had actually considered using Coke bottles and cans as instruments before the campaign, because the plastic, glass and aluminum containers each create distinct sounds. And Schneider made an earlier music video employing cell phone beeps and vibrations.

"Music, I think, can be made with tons of everyday objects," he said. "You don't need an instrument. Doing it with Coke bottles was another challenge—and [a] fun one."

For Coke, working with Schneider offered the brand an opportunity to tap into the YouTube star's audience (Schneider gave the first Coke video a shout-out on his personal YouTube account, where he has 3 million subscribers). Schneider is a member of Alloy Digital's network, and Alloy also worked to bring artist Mark Crilley into the campaign.

"Alloy's been a great partner for us," said Jennifer Healan, group director, integrated marketing communications, Coca-Cola North America Group.

Watch Kurt Hugo Schneider's videos below: