Yes, Your Mom Is Playing FarmVille

A new study by PopCap Social Gaming Research, creators of Bejeweled, confirms that mothers are the primary players of social games. As we wrote in the past, middle-aged women are the core demographic of social gamers, and this survey confirms that 55% of gamers are women, aged 43 on average. However, there are some interesting facts about other games that social gamers enjoy, how often they log on and where they go for their games in the data.

The survey found that 24% of Internet users in the US and the UK play social games at least once a week. Within this 24%, only 6% are below the age of 21 – most are between the age of 30 and 49. And fitting within this demographic, 41% of gamers are also employed full time. While many in the mainstream might still view gamers are young kids in their parents’ basements, students (high school, college undergrad, or graduate) only make up a tiny 6% of all social gamers surveyed.