You Could Win $420 on Live Weed Trivia App Daily Bonfire

HelloMD launches first cannabis mobile game for cannabis advocates

Photo illustration of 3 people and a bonfire on top of a phone screen
Daily Bonfire's weekly games are currently hosted by cannabis comedians with national and local renown. Daily Bonfire

Cannabis was the first product ever sold over the internet in 1971 between MIT and Stanford computer science students, according to Daily Bonfire host Ngaio Bealum.

HelloMD has launched its own type of HQ Trivia in an effort to educate folks about weed in an app called Daily Bonfire.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 p.m. ET, smartphone users have the chance to win $420 per game. HelloMD co-founder Mark Hadfield told Adweek that players can “give back to organizations that are tirelessly working to right the wrongs of prohibition, the ACLU, MAPS and NORML.”

Each Daily Bonfire game begins with a collective vote to donate 5% or half of the winnings to the aforementioned pro-cannabis advocacy groups. Hadfield explained that while there are so many other organizations “doing phenomenal work to advance our industry,” he and his team felt that these three nonprofits have collectively progressed the industry’s aims to where they are today. Including them in the app, Hadfield continued, is one way that players can honor them.

While hosts like Bealum, from Netflix’s Cooking on High, ask 12 questions of the cannabinoid category, contestants of legal age have the opportunity to help fight the war on drugs and support regulated retailers throughout the country, while also earning cash along with a dose of Pineapple Express humor.

“I hella look forward to hosting Daily Bonfire each week,” said Bealum, a longtime cannabis law reform advocate who is also the marijuana advice columnist for the Sacramento News and Review and culture editor at Marijuana Politics.

Once the game winds down to the final winners, the victors can decide to immediately cash out or visit a local partner dispensary where Daily Bonfire dollars unlock exclusive discounts.

Daily Bonfire is the first cannabis live trivia game. Hadfield said the app is designed to incentivize users to play an active role in combating today’s illicit retail marketplace and to further promote the destigmatization of cannabis, both used recreationally and medicinally. He pointed out the stigma disproportionately incarcerating poor people and branding people of color.

“In an effort to ‘normalize’ cannabis, the trend has been to downplay the recreational benefits of cannabis and showcase its medicinal properties. Now that we’ve achieved ‘mainstreamification,’ Daily Bonfire is here to bring cannabis back to its playful roots by celebrating the plant’s monumental contributions to pop culture, science and history,” Hadfield said.

Since most advertising in cannabis is restricted, the app provides brands with an accessible, convenient social channel to reach consumers.

“We have an entire product roadmap developed to further ‘gamify’ the legal purchase of cannabis for brands, retailers and consumers [within this app],” he said.

As Daily Bonfire’s gaming format expands and an Android version is soon to come, HelloMD hopes to recruit more hosts and make it a true daily trivia show. Other hosts include Matt Baetz, featured on the Late Late Show, and Alexis Rutledge, a San Francisco-based comedian.

@monicroqueta Mónica is a breaking news reporter at Adweek.