Women’s Health and Domino Team Up to Cover Healthy Living

2 brands will share content

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While magazine publishers are increasingly pushing for more internal collaboration between brands, it's still rare to see titles from different publishers working together—especially when they have very similar target audiences. Yet, that's exactly what Women's Health and Domino are doing thanks to a new editorial and marketing partnership between the Rodale-owned wellness title and the independent shelter mag.

The partnership officially kicks off this weekend at a co-branded event at the Hamptons home of Women's Health vp, publisher Laura Frerer-Schmidt. Called the "Wellthy House"—in reference to the increasingly popular wellness trend, said Frerer-Schmidt—the event will include cooking demonstrations, workout classes and home décor workshops led by experts such as celebrity trainer Heidi Powell and nutritionist Keri Glassman. Video from the event will be featured in a Web series on the Women's Health and Domino websites.

The magazines are also teaming up to produce a quarterly print feature focusing on home design with a wellness spin. The first joint story, which will appear in the September issue of Women's Health and the fall issue of Domino, features a tour of singer Alanis Morissette's Los Angeles home and includes contributions from editors at both magazines.

Frerer-Schmidt, who has spent the past several years forging successful partnerships with outside companies including FEED and Crowdrise, initially reached out to Domino hoping to broaden the home lifestyle content of Women's Health.

"We wanted to take our coverage to the next level," she said. "And Domino was a good choice for us, because they're super interactive with their consumer and very digital, which is not always true in shelter."

The proposal was well received by Domino, which relaunched as an independent quarterly print magazine and e-commerce company in 2013 after having been shuttered by former parent company Condé Nast four years earlier.

"We all loved the idea, because we're really talking to the same affluent, professional class of youngish women who care so much about their home and their health," said Domino Media Group chief revenue officer Beth Brenner. Plus, she added, "every time we post something online that's related to wellness, it becomes our most-visited, most-engaging post of the month or week."

In addition to the live event and magazine features, the partnership will also include digital content sharing, cross-promotion via social media and a sweepstakes later this fall. 

@adweekemma emma.bazilian@adweek.com Emma Bazilian is Adweek's features editor.