Wired's New Editor in Chief on Why Tech Reporting Is More Important Than Ever

Nick Thompson is shaking things up at the iconic magazine

Adweek: I recently read that when you worked at Wired the first time, as a senior editor from 2005 to 2010, you actually edited the story that became the movie Argo. Did you get a little piece of an Oscar or anything?
Nick Thompson: No, unfortunately. I didn’t make any money. I didn’t get an Oscar. And I’ve never met Ben Affleck. But I got the glory.

True. And you also co-founded The Atavist, which is pretty cool.
Yes, we came up with the idea in the fall of 2009 and we started making it in 2010 and so it had just launched when I got The New Yorker job [in 2010]… I learned a lot from running The Atavist that was helpful to my job with The New Yorker.

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