Will Users Throw Virtual Toilet Paper at Friends with New Charmin Facebook Application?

Remember those commercials where a large white bear indiscriminately juggles toilet paper while an announcer extolls the virtues of the softer Charmin toilet paper brand?  Well the marketing executives at Charmin have discovered Facebook, and they’ve gone ahead and released their first branded Facebook application “TP-A-Friend”.  The model of the game is that of the super gift or poke applications from years past, and it seems like some brands are just behind the times when it comes to Facebook applications.  We take a look after the jump.

When the Facebook application developer platform was first released years ago, users were sending “free gifts”, “kisses” and “pokes” as often as they could, and those simplistic applications dominated the leaderboards.  The dream for a developer was to make a simple application that allowed people to send free gifts to one another, and get millions of daily active users. 

These days, the games are less popular, and even Facebook has recently turned off their own gifts program.  This is why it’s surprising when a brand like Charmin chooses to put some marketing dollars into developing a simplistic application like Charmin TP-A-Friend, which is essentially a poke application with a funny skin.  The application allows you to choose a friend and “toilet paper” their profile, which simply means you post some Charmin toilet paper on their profile, like a little prank.

Despite the fact that the game is simple and these types of games aren’t very popular anymore, what they did do right is come up with the right concept for the application.  Applications like poke and ‘kissme’ worked in the past because their simple premise elicited a humorous or emotional response, and toilet papering some person’s house is likely to get a laugh.  The question is whether people will use it, and I’d wager it doesn’t get too many users, but I’ll keep an eye on it.