Who Gets Yahoo’s Big Media Job?

CEO Mayer's list could include Zalaznick, Sassa, even Lloyd Braun

Who gets Yahoo’s big media job? According to Allthingsd.com, the company is looking for a big name from TV world to help shepherd potential content deals like the one in the works for Katie Couric.

Ever since Yahoo’ media lead Mickie Rosen announced her departure in July, there’s been much speculation as to which direction CEO Marissa Mayer might go (given the constant “Is Yahoo about tech or media?” debate). A list of potential candidates has emerged, including several big and surprising names that have already interviewed with Mayer, per sources.

Who has Yahoo already talked to?

Lauren Zalaznick
This longtime NBCUniversal executive recently left the company after losing out to the company’s top programming talent. Zalaznick has lot of experience with women’s programming (Bravo, Oxygen) and would seem to be an ideal fit with much of Yahoo’s audience (think Yahoo Shine).

Lloyd Braun
Yes, that Lloyd Braun, who spent a few years running Yahoo’s media group in the presocial media-and-video-being-anything-real era, before an abrupt departure. Since then he has reinvented himself as the co-head of BermanBraun, which has launched content efforts on TV and the Web. Word is Braun has even talked to Mayer about selling his company to Yahoo. Braun’s press rep denied any interview took place.

Garth Ancier
The onetime head of programming at the defunct WB network, Ancier has logged stints at BBC America and other places. Most recently he’s talked about running a new rerun-driven cable network.

Scott Sassa
The onetime NBC Entertainment president landed at El Rey Network after a sexting scandal forced him out of Hearst. He’s only been there since May, but sources say he talked to Mayer.

Bruce Rosenblum
He left his position as Warner Bros. Television Group CEO in May and became president of Legendary Television and Digital Media. It’s probably too soon for Rosenblum to make a move, and Yahoo might not be a big enough gig. But sources say he’s interviewed for the role.

Other names to consider:

Jordan Levin
The former CEO of Generate and onetime head of the WB may be in the market since his company Alloy Digital just merged with Break Media, creating a potential exec logjam.

Ben Silverman
The onetime NBC programming head knows Web programming from his days at Reveille and his current role as head of Electus. The Yahoo gig may require him to give up too much control.

Jordan Hoffner
This former head of YouTube’s media business now runs his own consulting firm, Triemt Corp.

Long shots:

Robert Kyncl
The current head of YouTube’s content business (and former Netflix exec) would be a huge get, but he may be content running a global juggernaut’s media strategy.

Rich Ross, CEO, Shine America
An ascendant programming name, but would be tough to get for Mayer.

Steve McPherson
This former ABC programming chief has re-emerged as a development force in Hollywood. Again, Yahoo could feel too small scale compared to the movie world.