The White House Launches Official Snapchat Account

President Obama: now just one Snap away.

President Obama: now just one Snap away.

The White House announced today the launch of an official Snapchat account, letting people see behind the scenes.

Joshua Miller (a Facebook alum), The White House’s director of product management, announced this in a blog post:

There are over 100 million daily active Snapchat users, and over 60 percent of American smartphone users between the ages of 13 and 34 use the platform. In light of the number of Americans who use the service to consume news and share with their friends, the White House is joining Snapchat to engage this broad cross-section of the population in new and creative ways. Tomorrow, our Official Story will take you behind the scenes of the White House’s State of the Union preparations, with footage and angles you won’t find anywhere else.

To see what’s going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., add “WhiteHouse” on Snapchat or scan the code above.