Which Apps Are the Class of 2015 Using? (Infographic)

Facebook is still the top social network among these recent graduates, YouTube has the biggest reach and more young adults use Google+ than Pinterest.

Today’s young adults are digital natives and the next generation of influencers and brand advocates. Niche, a school ranking and review site, polled more than 10,000 college-bound high school graduates to find which apps they use most.

This is the second such report Niche has published, and when comparing this data to last year, there are some clear gains and losses. Spotify, Netflix and Snapchat have all gained significant ground, while Tumblr and Pandora both lost a little more than 10 percent.

The top social site remains Facebook, with 86 percent of teens having used it during the last year, and 61 percent using it daily. Instagram and Twitter are the next most used, followed by Pinterest and Google+. According to the report, more teens and millennials use daily Google+ than use Pinterest daily.

SMS or texting apps lead the pack by a wide margin for messaging. Facebook Messenger and Kik are next most used; however, user numbers on other apps decrease significantly after Facebook Messenger. It seems that texting is still king for quick messaging.

Snapchat is the top app in the secret messaging category, and no other app seems to be able to challenge it. Yik Yak came in second, but only 11 percent of respondents have used it, even fewer have tried other anonymous messaging services.

The top services this year mirror the top services of last year. Instagram has the most engaged users, Facebook has the most daily users, and with 95 percent of respondents using YouTube, the video streaming service has the widest reach of all.

To see usage numbers for various other video streaming services, and to see how few teens use dating apps, view the infographic below.