Wermz Launches Personalized News App on iOS

Wermz offers news stories about users' favorite topics, listed alongside related content, images and more.

Personalized news app Wermz has officially launched on iOS devices, giving users another option for following and discovering news stories surrounding their favorite topics. The app is powered by a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence and language processing, with the goal of presenting users with the ‘complete view’ of topics, delivered from multiple sources.

With Wermz, users begin by following some of their favorite news outlets or individual topics, including celebrities, countries and more. Users can follow interests by browsing an alphabetical list, or manually search for their favorites. From there, the app presents users with a personalized feed of recent news stories from these outlets, or about these topics.

Another feed offers all top news articles, regardless of topic. A final tab is reserved for news recommendations. This will fill with content as users read other articles within Wermz, allowing the app to recommend articles that may be of interest.

Tapping on a headline brings up a short preview of the article, with buttons for viewing the full article or just the article text (where available). Under this, the app lists a variety of related content, from related topics users can follow, links to related news stories, reference information about key individuals in the story, images to browse and more (all where appropriate).

Users can save articles for later reading, rate them up or down, or post comments on stories within the app. This triggers their addition to the app’s ‘forums’ section, where users can chat about individual stories.

Outside of these home feeds, the app offers a separate explore section, allowing users to read news relating to major overall topics, from business and celebrity news to health, politics, religion and beyond. Tapping on a topic loads its own feed of related news stories.

Finally, the app offers corporate stock information and a separate feed for financial or business-related news stories.

In a statement, Wermz founder and CEO, Clinton Grusd, commented:

Wermz is a new way of consuming news. It provides the story, and additional content around your interests with articles, videos and background information. You can browse it. Or you can study it. But most importantly, you can experience it. That’s the way content should be discovered and enjoyed today. We designed Wermz to provide that unique experience.

Wermz is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.