Was Gizmodo Right In Outing The New iPhone?

Unless you live in a cave then odds are you’ve heard the story of the new iPhone prototype, lost in a bar in Redwood City, CA. The phone eventually fell into the hands of Gawker Media’s Gizmodo, who published details yesterday about the new iPhone, as well as the Apple employee who misplaced it. The story signifies the largest Apple product leak of all time and has spread through the web like wildfire. Since the story broke, there have been over 5.1 million page views, over 31,000 tweets, 8,670 diggs and 1.3 million video views. But was Gizmodo right in publishing details about the new iPhone?

According to Gizmodo, Apple Software Engineer Gray Powell accidentally left the phone, which was disguised as an iPhone 3GS, at a German beer garden in Redwood City on March 18. Another patron in the bar picked up the phone. Instead of turning it in to the bar he took it home, planning to return the phone the next day. It seems that after a failed attempt at finding the phone’s owner, he realized that this was no ordinary iPhone – it had a camera on the front and felt different than the regular iPhone. A few weeks later, he sold the iPhone to Gizmodo, who published a teardown of the phone, including pictures, video and a breakdown of new features. The iPhone’s new features include a front-facing camera for video chat, improvements on the regular camera, a camera flash, an improved display and more.