Wanna be a Movie Producer? For Just $2, You Can

Increasingly, independent film companies are turning to the power of the social web to raise funds and awareness for their projects. The latest to tap into this phenomenon is a Canadian duo bent on raising the remaining $10,000 needed to release their documentary about the 2010 Winter Olympic. Their fundraising project, the Tweet and Toonie Torch Relay, is a social media campaign that promises producer credit to anyone who contributes $2 or more to the project. Want to see your name in the credits roll? Read on to find out how to donate.

The film With Glowing Hearts is about how social media impacted downtown East Side in Vancouver, B.C. and the coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics. It follows the people who monitored the effect that the 2010 Winter Olympics had on this poor neighborhood, and tells stories of the activists who grasped onto the increase in media attention to raise awareness for housing needs, the new media professionals who gained access to Olympics coverage, and how social change can come about through the use of social media.