Valentine’s Day on Facebook: Causes, Flowers, CityVille, Topps and More

Valentine’s Day marketing promotions seem a bit subdued this year, unlike in previous years when brands like Target and Skittles launched Valentine’s Day-specific campaigns. Many campaigns combined Valentine’s Day marketing with other types of promotions.

A big one this year was an offer from Causes to allow users to buy a flower bouquet through partners like ProFlowers and have a chance to donate $10 to a favorite charity through February 15. Participating charities include Keep the Arts in Public Schools, Prem Rewat, National Parks Conservation, Invisible Children and Campaign for Cancer Prevention, although users may also dedicate their $10 donation to any of the other 10,000-plus Causes charities.

Another flower-related Facebook offer was The Florist One API, which allows florists to display flowers in a white label Facebook store front, allow users to purchase them on the platform and have them delivered without needing to know the recipient’s address. The API is part of a nationwide affiliate program that allows participants to receive up to 22% commission on each sale, and also works on dating websites, mobile apps and coupon sites.

The Topps trading cards’ The Valentine’s Day Diamond Dig campaign aimed at increasing engagement on its Facebook Page. The promotion asked users to make their pitch to win a $10,000 engagement ring in a video, then win a chance to dig for the ring in a 30-foot diamond ball pit to propose to their loved one at Grand Central Station in New York City.

Pop star Katy Perry partnered with Schick Quattro for Women on Facebook to promote Valentine’s Day and her California Dreams Tour 2011. A Facebook app allows the users to send an e-card featuring Kay Perry by posting it to a friend’s Wall; there are four to choose from. eHarmony, the dating web site, also allowed users to share Valentine’s Day cards on Facebook or send them via email.

CityVille had an interesting Groupon-Valentine’s Day promotion in the game’s interface. At the bottom of the screen an ad offered CityVille users a chance at 75 free city cash for buying a Groupon deal of $40-worth of flowers for the cost of $20 for Valentine’s Day.

There were also simple heart- and romance-associated apps such as Puzzled Hearts, an app that features different types of animated hearts that saw an uptake in users during the pre-Valentine weeks. Others included Zoo World, which offered users gifts like rose petals and cards in limited quantities and asking players to help animals pair up “lonely animals” for the holiday. The app Horoscopes was also providing users with Valentine’s Day content, for example.

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