U.S. Online Display Advertising Spend to Hit $19 Billion by 2019

Forrester Research sees big opportunity in mobile and video

Online display ad spending is expected to increase 90 percent by 2019, from $19.8 billion in 2014 to $37.6 billion, according to new findings from Forrester Research.

Video platforms in particular are expected to be the main driver of the growth. Forrester predicts that the tactic will grow more than 21 percent on desktop platforms and will capture as much as 55 percent of the total desktop display spending by 2019.

Mobile ads targeted to both smartphones and tablets will also be a major online growth area, capturing up to 40 percent of the online display ad spending by 2019—up from 24 percent of display budgets this year.

"Most of the growth in online display will come from three areas that will generate the bulk of the growth by 2019: Programmatic exchange-based trading, video advertising and mobile display," Forrester noted, in a summary of the report.

Meanwhile, offline advertising is expected to grow just 1 percent during the same period, but will still capture $239 billion in marketing dollars. Cable television will be the offline platform with the most growth—at 4.8 percent—while platforms such as radio, newspapers, magazines and yellow pages are all expected to see declines.