Two More Very Early Facebook Connect Sightings: MoveOn, Red Bull

Last week, we wrote about CBS launching the first significant Facebook Connect implementation on the web at While we’re still in the very early days of the Connect-ization of the web, two more sites have quietly launched Facebook Connect implementations in the wild today – MoveOn and Red Bull – that show the potential power of Facebook Connect to 1) spread political campaigns and 2) allow brands to engage their customers more virally.

1) – Spreading a cause through Facebook Connect

MoveOn has implemented Facebook Connect to spread the word about its Obama/Biden sticker campaign. When you sign up for free stickers, you can tick a checkbox to publish the story to your Wall. When friends see the story, they can go directly to the MoveOn page and get more stickers.

2) Red Bull – Engaging customers through Facebook Connect

Red Bull is using Facebook Connect in their blog comments, allowing users to login using their Facebook account and then share their comments with their friends on their Wall. Friends will then see Red Bull on your profile page and can easily click out to the article on the Red Bull blog to further engage with the brand.

Red Bull has also created a Facebook Connect portal – it’s the first Flash app to integrate with Facebook Connect on the web. Here, users are able to read content from other Red Bull sites, comment on the postings (which will also display on the other sites), and view comments left by their Facebook friends.

We’re still very early in the game, but these examples show the ways that Connect can enhance the rest of the web by making it more social and allowing anyone to leverage the power of Facebook’s social graph to share information – right on their own site.