Twitter Wants Its Users’ Help in Developing Its Policies on Deepfakes

The social network calls it synthetic and manipulated media

Twitter will reveal a feedback period in the coming weeks Kronick/iStock

Twitter is seeking user input in crafting its policies on deepfakes, which it refers to as synthetic and manipulated media.

The social network said in a series of tweets that its new policy will address content that has been “significantly altered or created in a way that changes the original meaning/purpose, or makes it seem like certain events took place that didn’t actually happen.”

Twitter added that it will reveal a feedback period in the coming weeks so that its users can participate in the process.

The social network offered its reasons for the move:

  • We need to consider how synthetic media is shared on Twitter in potentially damaging contexts.
  • We want to listen and consider your perspectives in our policy development process.
  • We want to be transparent about our approach and values. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.