Twitter Plays Part in Downfall of Indian MP

While many politicians set up Twitter accounts in their names but hand over the Tweeting reins to their underlings, it was refreshing to see Shashi Tharoor, a prominent and net savvy former Indian Minister of State for External Affairs, actively using Twitter himself to connect with citizens. Unfortunately for Tharoor, Twitter was one of the main instruments that forced his resignation last week over allegations of improperly using his influence as a politician for personal gain. But his 700,000 followers aren’t accepting his resignation in silence – a massive online campaign has been launched to show support for Tharoor amid the controversy.

Even before his forced resignation, Tharoor was a man of controversy. Dedicated to bringing politics to the younger generation, he actively used his Twitter account to voice his opinions on policy, the media, and his party. According to the Independent, Tharoor was the most popular Twitter user in India with nearly three quarters of a million followers. However, some within the government saw his use of humor in many of his Tweets as a sign that Tharoor was not taking his job seriously.