Twitter Kit Adds Support for Vine Videos

Developers using Twitter Kit can now seamlessly incorporate Vine videos into their applications.

Developers using Twitter Kit can now seamlessly incorporate Vine videos into their applications.

Twitter Kit product manager Ben Ward announced in a blog post that once developers upgrade to v2.3 for iOS or v1.14.1 for Android, their apps will automatically expand Vine videos in their timelines and play loops just as they appear within Vine.

He wrote:

At the start of this year, we extended Twitter Kit’s media support with an enhanced video player, and we were delighted to see video and GIFs from Twitter bring the stories in your apps to life. Now, we’re adding Vine support to Twitter Kit, too.

Vine is a creative, bizarre and lively medium like no other. Whether it’s BuzzFeed covering memes that punctuate a news cycle, or reactions and highlights of the big game in Bleacher Report or from the National Basketball Association, Twitter Kit now delivers Vines seamlessly to your app through tweets.

Twitter Kit users: What are your thoughts? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.