Just Got Customization Options for Font Size, Color and Dark Mode

Blue was joined by yellow, pink, purple, orange and green

Twitter unveiled a host of customization options for

People can now change the font size, increasing the size to make content easier to read, or decreasing it to enable more tweets to appear on-screen.


The already-existing Twitter blue is joined by yellow, pink, purple, orange and green.


And, as Twitter revealed last month, when the redesign debuted, there are now two different modes for dark mode—dim and lights out—as well as options for accent color selection and custom font size.


All of these options can be accessed by clicking the More menu and selecting Display or navigating to Settings and then Display.

Twitter staff product designer Ashlie Ford and product manager Jesar Shah said in a blog post, “Twitter is a place where people can customize and follow what matters most to them. So, we wanted the appearance of the new to feel just as customizable. By incorporating font-size options, colors and two dark mode palettes into the site, we hope that you feel a sense of ownership of your experience, truly making it your own.”