Tumblr’s Creatrs Network Shares Its First Marketing Results

Horror movie tapped new influencer program

The movie Ouija was a digital marketing phenomenon, with a campaign that took to almost every available channel and even blazed new ones. The Universal movie was the first to buy a Snapchat ad late last year and, it turns out, was among the first to use Tumblr's new Creatrs Network.

Tumblr officially launched this new marketing venture this year, but it was at work for Ouija when the teen-focused horror flick hit theaters in October. Tumblr formed the Creatrs Network to identify top influential personalities on its platform and connect them with brands.

Tumblr's stylish users are generally coveted by brands that want to create bespoke social content. And the Creatrs Network was a way for Tumblr to launch an in-house agency with these creative types, instead of making advertisers work with third-party influencer networks.

There are benefits to tapping these socially savvy personalities with big followings—they help spread the word about a brand or entertainment company, and are more welcome by fellow users on Tumblr and other sites.

The most recent campaigns tapping the network include Converse's Made by You, with artists on Tumblr posting pictures, GIFs and other artwork showing how they rock their Chuck Taylors.

Today, Tumblr shared its first numbers from the Creatrs Network, from Ouija's marketing. It confirms that people on the platform are more likely to share social content when it comes from a fellow Tumblr user.

Ouija commissioned the network to design GIFs and digital posters and then promoted the content. Here were the results, according to Millard Brown Digital.

  • People who engaged with a promoted post on Tumblr were 10 percent more aware of the movie compared with a control group that had not been exposed to the marketing.
  • Users who engaged with earned media from the Ouija campaign—served to them by users naturally sharing on Tumblr—were 19 percent more aware of the movie.
  • People engaging with paid placements on Tumblr were 9 percent more likely to see the movie.
  • Meanwhile, those who engaged with earned media were 54 percent more likely to see the movie.
  • The report also gives a rare glimpse of scale on Tumblr. The Ouija campaign generated 625,000 total engagements—likes, reblogs and follows. To put that in perspective, in the days around the movie's premiere, it received 1.16 million Likes on Facebook, a much larger platform.