Tumblr Is Going Beyond Black History Month With #BlackExcellence365

Blackout detailed several upcoming events

February is just the beginning Tumblr

Tumblr is extending Black History Month well beyond the end of February with its #BlackExcellence365 initiative, which will run throughout the entire year.

Blackout detailed its partnership with Tumblr in a post on its page, writing, “Our goal for #BlackExcellence365 is to showcase the importance of diversity in black history, present and future. The black community is not monolithic. It is a pan-African community, one consisting of a myriad of ethnic identities from African-American, African, Caribbean, Latinx, etc. Blackness encompasses different religions, sexual and gender identities, socioeconomic statuses and more. Celebrating these identities and their successes is what #BlackExcellence365 is all about. We’ll be doing this by showcasing the continuous achievements of and contributions by black people in history, science, music, art, media, social impact, fashion, gaming, poetry and so many other areas of prominent cultural and historical importance.”

Stickers for #BlackExcellence365 are currently available in the Tumblr application, and Blackout shared some of the events that are upcoming from Tumblr’s @action social impact blog:

  • Feb. 4: Artist Spotlight, artist Jessica Spence.
  • Feb. 7: Makers Conference livestream with: Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Ciara; Times Up founder and CEO Lisa Borders; actor, producer and entrepreneur Jada Pinkett Smith; and Backstage Capital founder and CEO Arlan Hamilton.
  • Feb. 11: Artist Spotlight, photographer Josef Adamu.
  • Feb. 18: Artist Spotlight, artist Pea the Feary.
  • Feb. 20: My Black Is Beautiful panel discussion.
  • Feb. 25: Artist Spotlight, artist and filmmaker Asaph Luccas.
  • March: #BlackExcellence365 video series roundtable discussion, Black Girl Magic: The Importance of Black Women’s Work in the Media.
  • June: #BlackExcellence365 video series, Content and Conversations Surrounding the Black LGBTQ+ Community.
  • August: #BlackExcellence365 video series, Music in the Black Community.
  • December: #BlackExcellence365 video series, Mental Health in Communities of Color.
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