Trump’s White House Communications Director Resigns

It's been just three months for Mike Dubke

According to Axios, which first broke the news, Mike Dubke’s resignation as White House communications director occurred on May 18, in a meeting with President Trump. It’s coming out now because Dubke stayed on through the president’s first overseas trip, per an agreement made during that meeting, and his last day has not yet been set.

Dubke, the founder of Crossroads Media, joined the administration in February, a move that wasn’t well received by some within and without the administration. As a source told CNN at the time, “Dubke and his Crossroads friends did everything they could to kill the Trump movement and failed.”

Dubke was hired after Jason Miller declined to take the job, following rumors of an affair, two days after he was named as the pick for the role. Dubke’s hire was intended to provide some relief to Spicer, who originally took up the role in addition to his own after Miller backed out.

The resignation comes amid reports of larger changes among Trump’s communications staff, which include a reduced on-air role for press secretary Sean Spicer and more off-camera briefings.