Trump Will ‘Meet the Press’ in Person

The Donald will stare into those "sleepy-eyes" in person.

Meet the Press has booked Donald Trump for a rare in-person interview later this month, that according to Politico’s Dylan Byers.

Trump, who often favors call-ins to sit-downs, phoned into four of the Sunday shows last week to discuss his squabble with Megyn Kelly — with the exception of Fox News Sunday.

There have been some questions as to whether Trump would ever appear on the show — as the real estate mogul wasn’t sure whether he wanted to “help” the ratings of MTP. The booking is even more surprising given the less-than-amicable history between host Chuck Todd and the Donald. Only a month ago, Trump was calling for the sacking of Todd — who he, in typical Trump fashion, often refers to as “sleepy-eyes.”

The interview, the date of which has yet to be announced, will mark Trump’s first face-to-face appearance on a Sunday Show since June 28.