Top Business Schools Pumping Out Social Media Savvy Graduates

Some of the world’s top business schools are offering courses in social media as part of their strategy to keep their students on the cutting-edge of the business world. These schools emphasize using social networks as complimentary, but not necessarily central, to current business strategies. It is important that students have a firm understanding of traditional business strategies before jumping on to YouTube or Twitter as their specialty, in order to use social media effectively.

Schools like Harvard, Insead, and London Business School have implemented social network courses for their students, after hearing the demand for social media savvy graduates from recruiters. One of Harvard’s courses, “Competing with Social Media”, for instance, offers students a theoretical “network failure framework” from which to analyze the effectiveness of LinkedIn, Friendster, Twitter, mixi, MySpace, Facebook Connect, and Google’s Friend Connect. The course also looks at particularly successful businesses that have leveraged the social element of networks such as these, including eHarmony and Yelp. This course attempts to bring traditional business strategies to bear on social networks, equipping students with both practical and analytical skills.