Tidbits: Barbie & Ken, ‘The Real Housewives of Miami,’ The Daily: Indexed

Mattel has launched a digital campaign to bring Barbie and Ken back together.

The Huffington Post rounds up some of the craziest tweets from the @KennethColePR parody Twitter account.

Marysol Patton, owner of The Patton Group, will be on The Real Housewives of Miami, which premieres on February 22. This despite the fact that, by owning and operating a business, she’s not a real housewife.

An unauthorized website, The Daily: Indexed, is posting content from The Daily, News Corp’s new iPad only subscription-based publication, for free.

A British fashion PR firm Modus got some negative publicity following a BBC segment that accused the firm of hiring unpaid 20 interns.

The Koch brothers, billionaires who have gotten recent bad publicity over their donations to conservative causes, have hired a team of publicists for media outreach.