There’s Power in Consumer Data. Is Your Brand in Control?

Opinion: Otherwise you might be missing out on audience engagement

Nearly 73% of consumers feel they haven't been engaged in a personalized way. Getty Images

Customer data is rapidly becoming the dominant currency of the modern marketplace. Recent IAB research credits first-party data as the driver for “all significant functions of the enterprise, including product development, customer value analysis and pricing.” It’s impossible to achieve the critical goals the market now demands—empathy, fluid conversation across touch points, personalization—without nimble, proficient command of customer data.

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@AccentureACTIVE As a managing director at Accenture Interactive, Scott Tieman leads the company’s Personalization practice in North America. Scott and his team work with Fortune 500 companies across all industries, to help brands better serve their customers through data-driven, personalized marketing experiences with the goal of making clients’ products and services relevant and compelling.